This chapter starts by her telling us about a 330 page report written by Frederick Hoffman. He did research in malaria and was the among the first to associate cancer to tobacco. It talks about how this report stated that race was a powerful predictor of life expectancy. Racism was so ingrained in his thinking that he never stopped to think if poverty and injustice might have something to do with the death rate of African Americans. Never thought that lack of essentials like modern plumbing, safe workplaces, and access to health care played a big role. He made huge errors and pointed a finger at a color instead of each individual person. This type of thinking along with the influential positions people like him hold, made possible for bankers and insurance companies to redline neighborhoods. Redline is when the people of a certain section are deemed “unworthy” and so insurance agents and bankers won’t give them fair offers or many times not give them loans or insurance! Steps were taken to fix this, example the Fair Housing Act but it seems redlining is still with us and WMDs amplify their potency. The creators of this models are the same as Hoffman, they confuse correlation with causation. They further punish the poor especially ethnic minorities. She says they back up their analysis with reams of statistics. This data is meant to block people from good, cheap insurance. Many people use info from our genes, our sleep patterns, exercise and diet. This is all documented, then put into this fancy WMD to tell the companies who will be at a higher risk. This further alienates people from acquiring fair rates and fair representation. To fit into this program people would have to live full healthy life styles, health nuts to get breaks on insurance! People need to keep their data better protected. This data will also know what drunk routes there are and how probable accidents will occur so will jack up the prices for people. To fix this, these companies need to be transparent. They need to revamp their systems. They further separate people from one another and categorize them into holes they can’t get out of.