It starts with a student from Vanderbilt University. He came from a well off family and the student was very smart. The reason why they talked about him was that he was suffering from bipolar disorder so he had to get help. Some time later, after getting treatment, he returned to his studies at a different school. At the time he applied to a part time job at a supermarket, minimum wage job. He fills out the application and waits, waits, waits. He never gets called back. Why is it that a high achieving student was never called? Apparently because he was “banned”. They categorized him based on the employee selection program that the supermarket used. The Five Factor Model. That was just one job but then he was never called from job’s he applied to over and over and over again. The guy had a perfect SAT, him not getting a call back is an issue. Before, people would

This Kronos system was similar as the one used to score schools. Widespread use and widespread control of the future of whose applications it was validating. Many people’s applications, all denied by a computer system that has as many biases and faulty parameters as the system that messed up the schooling and jacked up the prices. In 2001 and 2002 researchers sent out 5,000 fake applications, half of the applications had white names as in EMily Walsh and Brendan Baker, the other half had names like Lakisha Washington and Jamaal Jones, African American names. Researchers found out that white names got 50% more callbacks. The white applicants with strong resumes got more attention than white ones with weaker ones. When it came to black applicants, the stronger resumes barely made a difference. We should prevent machines from fully denying or accepting applicants based on parameters. We still need that face to face interaction between people. All of this is my biggest take away, it sucks that Kyle was “banned” for being bipolar, that these WMD’s are steering companies to hire these “perfect applicants that fit the parameters”, that I stronger resumes didn’t matter when it came to blacks. I’m Latino, I don’t want to “fit a diversity quota” I want to be hired for my intelligence and work ethic. These WMD’s need to be better monitored, not just left as “O it’s something we used and haven’t changed in awhile”, we need to constantly be monitoring these systems, optimizing them, either that or take them down. People change too much and are too diverse to be put into categories.